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      Mansion House Bedding Company is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of beds and mattresses with specialist divisions catering for all aspects of the bed market.

      With more than 140 years of bed manufacturing history behind them, today Mansion House employs over 100 staff at their base in Ipswich, Suffolk.

      It is here that the company manufacture, display and distribute their comprehensive range of products direct to top hotel chains, universities, cruise ships and local authorities, as well as an increasing number of bespoke, tailor-made beds that are being manufactured specifically for clients such as specialist interior designers and independent retail stores nationwide.

      Manufacturing beds in our suffolk workshop Manufacturing beds to the highest standard in our suffolk workshop UK
      Epoc Beds - handmade since 1949 Mattison contract beds Glanmar bed - handcrafted since 1909 Old English bedding company
      'It’s because every stage of the manufacturing process takes place in our purpose built factory in Ipswich, Suffolk and distribution costs controlled by our own dedicated fleet of vehicles, we are able to build the finest quality beds at unbelievably competitive prices' Stephen Eccles
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