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            Monthly Archives: July 2010

            Top Travel Destinations for Volunteering?Abroad

            By | Tips for Volunteering Abroad | No Comments

            More and more Americans from all ages and backgrounds are interested in volunteering internationally. In fact, in a recent poll done by UC San Diego, 40% of the?1,400 adults surveyed indicated that they were willing to spend a few weeks volunteering abroad. ?The top 5 destinations included:

            1. Africa
            2. East?Asia
            3. South America
            4. (tie) Mexico
            5. (tie)?Western?Europe

            For the full article click here

            Volunteer Abroad Through IVPA’s Member?Programs

            By | Genevieve Brown, IVPA Executive Director, Tips for Volunteering Abroad | No Comments

            Looking to go abroad this year and plan on incorporating service into you travels? IVPA Members offer programs in over 65 countries around the world.? From island nations in the South Pacific to the plains of Africa there are limitless possibilities to serve.

            As potential volunteers begin their search for the right program many wonder “how do I know if an organization is legit?”. IVPA members have been vetted and?commit?to upholding 35 important best practices in the field of international volunteering.

            Check out IVPA members and their programs at www.progfu.com. You can also search programs here by country, length or stay and/or type of service. Make the goal now to explore, make connections and do some good.

            Voluntourism in the News

            By | Uncategorized | No Comments

            IVPA and some of IVPA’s members were recently mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article on voluntourism. The article features some options about volunteering internationally and what to look out for when choosing an organization. Though the concept traveling abroad is not new the media has really picked up on voluntourism and has started to feature more articles using the term. It is great to see media interest in international volunteering and volutourism and hopefully the coverage will continue. ?

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