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            Monthly Archives: November 2011

            2011 IVPA Global Volunteering Fairs – Summary

            By | Global Volunteering Fairs | No Comments

            The 2011 IVPA Global Volunteering Fairs were held October 25th and 27th in Washington, D.C. and New York City?respectively. Representatives from over 30 volunteer sending organizations were on hand to give attendees information about their available programs.

            The events were well attended with hundreds of people interested in voluntourism or volunteering abroad coming to find out more. Two free workshops were offered at each location about the basics of?service abroad?and?affordable?volunteering.

            Thank you for all those that attended the events and made it a success. If you were unable to make it to the fairs and are interested in?volunteering?please visit IVPA’s site where you can find more information on questions to ask a program provider, tips on?fundraising?and you can search IVPA’s list of members’ programs. www.www.progfu.com

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