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            Monthly Archives: June 2012

            IVPA Welcomes Child Family Health International’s New Executive Director

            By | IVPA Members | One Comment

            New York, NY (May 30, 2012) – Child Family Health International (CFHI) has announced Mirriam Rafiq Braden, MPH as the organization’s new Executive Director. Ms. Braden brings a wealth of experience including ten years in project and program management. She most recently was Program Director at the Center for Global Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley, a position she has held since 2008.?

            As a member of International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA), CFHI has been active in the international community in promoting quality programing and the need for standards in international volunteering, specifically within
            healthcare and medical settings. IVPA welcomes Ms. Braden as the new Executive Director and looks forward to continuing to work with CFHI on important issues around international volunteers and the communities they serve in.

            Ms. Braden replaces Steven Schmidbauer as Executive Director. Mr Schmidbauer led CFHI since 2004, helping increase CFHI’s brand identity and program quality and obtaining ?special consultative status?as an NGO with the United Nations.

            About CFHI?
            Founded in 1992, CFHI (http://www.cfhi.org) is a non-government organization (NGO) operating at the grassroots level to provide transformative global health education experiences and community empowerment in underserved communities around the world. CFHI offers 20+ Global Health Education Programs designed to broaden students’ perspectives about global health – as well as a variety of community health initiatives and projects – in developing countries


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