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            Monthly Archives: April 2013

            Latin America and the MDVs

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            Linda Stuart is the Director of Global Citizens Network (GCN), which is an IVPA member. Ms Stuart was recently asked to participate as an expert on a panel in USA Today about Latin America and the Millenium Development Goals.

            I love Ms Stuarts response to the question:?Why are cross-sector collaborations so critical in tackling the systemic issues of poverty?

            “Stuart: Through cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, GCN tackles tough social problems that achieve mutually beneficial community outcomes.? Our commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Latin America includes preserving indigenous cultures, traditions and ecologies.? We cannot achieve this alone and rely on multiple sectors collaborations — business, nonprofits and philanthropies, the community, and government — in partnership to deal effectively and humanely with the challenges. Cross-sector collaborations demonstrate way of being together — each appreciating our interconnectedness and improving the human condition.”


            Charities and Societal Pressures

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            You may have seen this Ted Talk going around on social media and thought it was worth re-posting.

            [ted id=1688]

            After studying and working in the nonprofit I think a lot of what Dan?Pallotta has to say is spot on. Overhead is a dirty word and it shouldn’t be. Nonprofits need to be?transparent but frugality doesn’t equate morality.

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