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            Monthly Archives: August 2013

            The Number One Risk When Traveling Abroad

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            Traveling and volunteering abroad is unfortunately not without some risks. One of the biggest risks to a volunteer or tourist is simply traveling on the road in another country. USA Today reported that “1,820 Americans have been reported killed in road accidents in foreign countries from Jan. 1, 2003, through June 2010. On average, one American traveler dies on a foreign road every 36 hours.”


            The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting published a Roads Kill Map, an interactive map where you can see by country the number and type of road accidents.

            Some tips when traveling abroad include:

            • Wear a seat belt whenever possible
            • Avoid open-back trucks or mini buses
            • Don’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet
            • Select a taxi driver or personal driver carefully and don’t be afraid to ask the driver to slow down
            • Have Travel Medical Insurance in case of emergencies




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