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            Monthly Archives: November 2017

            AYUDA Podcast – Sending Volunteers Abroad with Diabetes

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            The staff at?AYUDA?were kind enough to sit down with me and record the first podcast for the IVPA?to discuss the wisdom they’ve gained over the years in sending people with diabetes (and other disabilities) abroad to partner with communities on educational projects surrounding diabetes. As more organizations work towards making their programs accessible to people with disabilities or who may need accommodations, AYUDA has been doing this type of work for a long time and sheds light on some of the considerations for both organizations and prospective volunteers before going abroad. Thanks to both Melanie Goldring and Arianna Tuomey for sharing their perspectives on this topic.


            For more information on how to volunteer with AYUDA, please visit their website:?http://volunteers.ayudainc.net


            Prefer to listen via Soundcloud? Click here for our SoundCloud Page.

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