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            Category Archives: Project Focus

            Project Focus: AYUDA Summer Programs

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            Now Accepting Applications for AYUDA 2016 Summer Programs!
            Become an Agent of Change Abroad

            Join us and be a part of this unique Youth Empowerment and Health Program

            Introducing Our Newest Program: En El Camino Volunteer Program: July 9th – July 19th
            Testing Multiple Locations, Dominican Republic:?Introducing a brand new volunteer summer program! This program is aimed at those who want to combine diabetes outreach with a love travel and exploration. Come “on the road” with AYUDA and?Aprendiendo a Vivir (AAV)?and get to know the Dominican Republic while making a difference in the diabetes community. Since our hallmark program Campo Amigo Dominicano is based in Santo Domingo, it cannot serve everybody around the country. AAV has requested that AYUDA work with them on a pilot program to take the educational and empowerment experience of camp to other provinces. Volunteers will travel with local Dominican youth leaders, representatives of AAV, and AYUDA staff members to the following provinces/cities to run day-long educational outreach and local capacity-building programs: San Cristobal, Baní, La Vega, Gaspar Hernández, and San Pedro. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn from people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and help provide them with the tools that motivate them to live happier, healthier lives.

            Click here to learn more about the program.

            Ganémosle Volunteer?Program:?June 4th – June 13th?
            Ganemosle 2015 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic:?Volunteers will support AYUDA’s partner organization?AAV?in their national diabetes prevention and exercise campaign “Ganémosle la Carrera a la diabetes” (Let’s beat diabetes campaign!) and fitness event. The event includes a 10K run, a 5k Run/Walk and a mini-camp for youth living with type 1 diabetes.?Click here to see the 2015 video.

            In this busy 10-day program, volunteers, led by AYUDA staff, will gain hands-on experience working on a national grassroots diabetes public awareness campaign. Volunteers will participate in diabetes outreach activities that include visits to schools, gyms, parks, and? local media outlets.Those with an interest in fitness, health education and media and communications are encouraged to apply!

            Click here to learn more about the program.?

            Campo Amigo Dominicano Volunteer Program:?June 18th – July 6th
            campo2015.png Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: In this intensive program, volunteers will collaborate with AYUDA’s partner organization?AAV.?Volunteers, led by AYUDA staff, will work closely with AAV local staff, medical students and rising Dominican youth leaders to plan and implement community outreach projects. These projects will motivate and support young people living with type 1 diabetes, as well as their families. The 3 week program will culminate with the 9th?annual weekend family diabetes camp, Campo Amigo Dominicano, where volunteers will work with local AAV youth leaders to serve as counselors and camp staff.

            Click here to learn more about the program.

            Learn more about our programs from our volunteers
            Check out our?Volunteer Blogs?and?Social Media Recap?to learn more about the programs in 2015.
            Are you ready to become an agent of change??
            AYUDA is unique because we are committed to empowering our volunteers to become agents of social change. We combine an intensive training program, beginning the moment a?volunteer?is accepted into our program, with an impactful in-country experience. Therefore, qualified volunteers must have a multicultural outlook, be passionate and energetic team players, and most importantly must be adaptable.

            • Minimum age: 16
            • All education levels can apply (from high school students to medical professionals)
            • All backgrounds
            • No prior diabetes knowledge required
            • Intermediate Spanish (Intermediate to proficient for?Ganémosle)
            • Must fulfill program requirements (attend training, complete fundraising, etc)
            • Those living with diabetes encouraged to apply
            • For more on requirements,?please click here
            Campo Amigo 2015 Shashi

            Please note!?Interested volunteers are welcome to apply to more than 1 program. Qualified volunteers selected to participate in combined programs (2 or 3 programs) will?have reduced fundraising commitments ($2,000 less for 3 programs and $1,000 less for 2 combined programs).?

            Early Application Deadline is?October 25th, 2015!?Please?click here?or visit?www.ayudainc.net?to apply today!

            If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Volunteers, Stephanie Boyle, at?sboyle@ayudainc.net.

            Juntos somos más Fuertes!?Together we are Stronger!

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